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2.4GHZ rfid temperature sensor active tag Reader

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I. Overview

ZWT- RFW6H02 remote temperature and humidity reader is 6σ RF technology industry applications built on the company completely independent intellectual property rights of innovative technology RFID reader platform for custom development, mainly to increase the temperature and humidity sensor tags, real-time electronic monitoring , writing and reading data capabilities, by supporting RFID electronic temperature and humidity sensor tags can complete cold chain objectives such vehicles or objects locate, identify and alarm, as well as temperature and humidity monitoring alarm.

In recent years, with the "cold chain" continues to expand, active RFID technology in the field of temperature and humidity sensor also will rise. Traditional active RFID tags combined temperature / humidity sensors, which can be collected wirelessly transmit temperature and humidity data upload to the reader, and then transferred to the back-end application systems via wired / wireless manner, completes the target object or environmental temperature and humidity measurements. This measurement can effectively avoid the traditional cable wiring caused large way, maintenance work arduous weaknesses, are choosing to use as more and more users.

ZWT- RFW6H02 remote temperature and humidity reader's leading technology, the whole industrial design and outstanding features make it in cold chain logistics, food safety, environment and other areas to detect a comprehensive competitive advantages, and to create new value for our customers advantages

Second, the technical parameters

1. Electrical Characteristics


Power supply 7-15V DC / 1A

The communication interface RS485 / 232; customized network port, GPRS transmission

Baud Rate 9600-38400

Reliability MTBF≥70000 hours

Working life> 10 years

2. Microwave Link Features


Frequency 2.4 - 2.48 GHz

Circularly polarized antenna polarization

Write region 90°, 180°  orientation; 360°  omnidirectional (optional)

Microwave communication error detection CRC16 cyclic redundancy check

Bit error rate /B.E.R 10-7

3. Working Environment

1) on-site without special requirements of various interference sources

2) Operating temperature: -40 °c ~ + 80 °c

3) Working humidity: Seal, Any

4) Anti-electromagnetic interference: 10V / m 0.1 ~ 1000MHz AM amplitude electromagnetic wave

5) protection: IP68

Product features

Recognition distance: 3 ~120 meters, write effective distance <60 m

Recognition speed: 200 km / h

Recognition capabilities: simultaneously identify 200 tags

Recognition: full orientation recognition, directional identification, electronic label content to read and write

Working frequency: 2.4 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz

Communication mechanism: TDMA based on HDLC and synchronous communication mechanism

Immunity: using the channel isolation technology, multiple devices interfere with each other

Security: encryption calculation and certification, to ensure data security and prevent eavesdropping and data link break

Package features: solid package, drop and vibration resistance, high strength

Reliability: lightning protection, waterproof, anti-shock, to meet the requirements of industrial environments

Interface Standard: RS232 / RS485 interface to a variety of development software

Fourth, the working principle

Reader operating mode is "passive", when the reader is working properly in the receiving state, receive real-time signal emitted by the electronic tag and the received data is transferred to the background management system.

Relatively speaking, the company's operating mode electronic tag is "active", the tag sends a signal to the reader. Reader with the company's electronic tags work together in the visual environment, the maximum recognition distance (communication distance) can reach 120 meters. In specific applications compared with passive tags to identify long distance has a very big advantage. When the user to identify the length of the distance have different requirements, or the application environment is complex, it can be adjusted and set by the recognition distance attenuation switch on the reader.

Within the effective range of the reader identification, electronic tags run at speeds up to 200 km per hour, it can ensure the stability of identification. This feature is particularly suitable for the exercise of the vehicles and vehicle identification personnel.

6σ RFID companies to promote industry standards in the field of the Internet of Things RFID 6σ R establishment of an advanced technology platform, not only from a comprehensive look at RFID product quality, process management point of view, the establishment of more high performance combined with the characteristics of each application aspects of the industry from the technology, humanity design concept, to fight the new generation of standard RFID products.


V. Application areas

cold chain logistics and transport

Food Safety Management

blood thermostatic control

granary real-time monitoring

harsh environment temperature detection


Package included:

1.1pc   2.4GHZ rfid sensor reader/writer

2.2pcs 2.4GHZ RFID Sensor tag