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SLE4428 chip contact smart card inkjet printable hotel key card ISO7816 (pack of 10)

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4428 contact IC card


1.1024 x 8 bit EEPROM organization

2.Byte-wise addressing

3.Irreversible byte-wise write protection

4.1024 x 1 bit protection memory organization

5.Serial three-wire bus

6.End of programming indicated on data output

7.erase cycles more than 100,000 times

8.Each write / erase time 5MS

9.Data retention for minimum of ten years

10.Contact configuration and serial interface in accordance to

11.ISO standard 7816 (synchronous transmission)

12.Additional Feature of SLE 4428 Smart Card :

 A.Data can only be changed after entry of the correct

 B.2-byte programmable security code (PSC)

13.Code: FFFFFF

14.can be printable by Evolis pebble 4,Zebra card printer.

15.Inkjet printable



Package details :

10pcs X contact chip card with 4428 chip(inkjet printable white card)