ID Card Holder

Browse a Range of Anti-Theft ID Card Holder Products

Modern identification cards issued by employers or governments often include a microchip inside. These chips are designed to be read by certain devices owned by the issuer of the card. However, high-tech thieves and hackers can use RFID readers and similar devices to surreptitiously steal data contained in the chip inside the card. Yarong Tech offers highly secure ID card holder and lanyard products that can prevent data theft from smart cards.

Protect Your Personal Data with Secure ID Card Lanyard from Yarong Tech

We offer multiple ID card holder online products that aimed at physically securing the card and preventing data theft using scanner gadget. An RFID reader, for example, can read a smart card from as far away as 300 meters. Purchasing one of our office ID card holder can prevent valuable employee information from being stolen for nefarious purposes.

Here is a list of ID Card Holder items you can purchase here:

  • Secure sleeves that will block remote RFID readers
  • Alloy frames with detachable lanyards that can disrupt radio signals
  • Anti-metal stickers for phones and plastic cards

Our products are made from high-quality metals and durable plastic. Orders can be placed in small or large quantities.