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We offer high-quality iButton products for commercial and personal use. We have a myriad of products including iButton reader devices available at reasonable rates. Browse through our products to benefit from this innovative technology.

What is an iButton Key?

An iButton key fob is a small computer chip enclosed in a stainless steel can no bigger than 16 millimeters. With the help of this tiny gadget any information can be easily transferred on other devices. The tech can be used for various data-based applications such as data logging, managing assets, or controlling access to buildings or computers.

An iButton key casing is rugged, durable, and can be mounted just about anywhere. The casing can withstand even harsh environments, unlike most data-carrying tech devices. The base is designed in such a way to be easily attach to any surface. The gadgets are small enough to be ideally portable as well. They can be carried as a personal device like an iButton key fob, a ring, or a watch.

Build and Features

Yarong Tech products are made from stainless steel and silicone. The outer case is made from highly durable stainless steel. The computer chip inside is made from silicone. A polypropylene grommet inside is used to separate the contact components.

Each of the devices we sell comes with a unique address etched to the chip which is used for identification. This address cannot be altered.

We offer attachable products that can be used for

  • Data storage or memory uses
  • Security
  • Data logging
  • Clocking purposes
  • And address only-devices

Our devices are highly durable. A single product can last for decades. Products are wear-tested and can withstand moderate levels of impact like being stepped on.

Compared to similar technologies like bar codes and RFID, this technology offers not only the ability to read data, but also record data. These devices are also much faster and have more capacity.