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What is an RFID Card Reader?

The acronym stands for radio frequency identification device. These devices use radio frequencies to gather information from a tag. That’s why they are alternatively called RFID tag reader gadgets.

The technology works similarly to barcode identification. However, unlike barcodes, these gadgets don’t need to scan a tag or be in sight of a tag. Rather, a USB RFID reader can identify a tag up to 300 feet away.

This technology is used in many modern objects including passports, luggage, home appliances, pet tags, smart cards, heart patient devices, car locks, toll booths, retail item tags, and even in spacecraft. While this technology can be slightly more expensive than traditional barcodes, an RFID credit card reader can offer many advantages over barcodes for businesses.

How Does It Work?

An RFID tag reader can identify an object, gather preprogrammed data about it, and enter this data into a database without requiring no (or almost no) human input. This technology uses radio frequency waves to enable the process.

 A typical RFID-enabled devices includes a tag, an antenna, and the reading device. The tag contains the antenna and a circuit that sends data to the reading device. The device converts the radio signals to data that computers can process. The converted information is sent to a computer network for storage and later analysis.

Advantages of Radio Frequency Identification Technology

Here are several advantages of using radio frequency identification devices:

  • Works much faster than barcodes
  • Quick identification of objects
  • Allows several items to be scanned at once
  • No need for physical scanning
  • Can effectively identify an individual object surrounded by other items
  • Requires little or zero human intervention

What are the Reasons to Buy RFID Device?

Applications for RFID reading devices are many. Here are some of the most common uses:

  • Tracking inventory or assets
  • Tracking personnel or animals
  • Controlling physical access to areas
  • In ID cards or similar smart cards
  • Supply chain management
  • Preventing counterfeit products, especially in the pharmaceutical sector

RFID devices are more advantageous to use than barcode technology. They are faster, more convenient, and each tag can contain more data than a barcode.

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