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YARONGTECH 125khz RFID writable T5577 rewritable Silicone Black Wristbands

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  1. material:Silicone
    2. Frequency: 125 KHz
    3. Diameter: adjustable
    4. feather:waterproof,rewritable chip
    5. Package included: 2PCS/10pcs/100pcs waterpoof Writable rewrite 125khz duplicator silicone rfid T5577 wristband
    6. Working Mode: Read-write modes - Can be used in 125KHz RFID card Copier/ Duplicator
    7. Storage Capacity: 330 bit (264 free bit availability)
    8. Reading distance is 0 - 10cm
  • Original T5577 Chip,it doesn't have pre-programmed id number,so need to write the id on it before you read
  • it's rewritable chip,and it can write in 125khz id format and H ID WG 125khz format
  • Please note it can't be read before you program the chip,need to write on it before you read,it's original chip
  • can write by 125KHz RFID writer/copier,and it can write in H id format.
  • If you can't write the wristbands,please contact with us,we will give you a satisfying answer,thanks.