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5 PCS 3D RFID 13.56MHZ NFC Nail Stickers With LED Light Flash Affixed Scintillation Cell Phone DIY Nail Art compatible with all

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NFC intelligent nail sticker is a high-tech smart product. Function is very simple, as long as you are using a mobile phone with NFC functionality, nails will shine. The trend quickly by the majority of girls of all ages, crazy interpretation of the era of smart fashion charm!
NFC intelligent nail stickers embedded smart LED light source, the use of mobile near-field communications technology (NFC), no battery inside nail stickers.
In addition to mobile phones, the use of any electronic device can be as effective as NFC functionality (access control, public transportation card swipe machines, etc.).

New and Advanced Nail Art Product
These nails are the first in the world!
These nails have LED which shines to catch the NFC radio.
You can manipulate the smartphone by downloading the free dedicated app
NFC Task,NFC writer,NFC Tools(can download by google play)


What is NFC nail stickers? 


   When the phone has SMS OR calls, or you are touching the phone, NFC Nail sticker which built-in LED lights will be activated and begin blinking. 


Not just cell phones, any electronic device may use NFC functionality can be used (including access control, public transportation card ,swipe machine, etc.)