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Inkjet Printable PVC ID Card Starter Kit - Canon J Tray - MG5420, MX922, MG7120,iP7230 +50 inkjet printable cards

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Inkjet PVC Card Starter Kit - 50pcs ID Cards

For Canon MG5430, MX923, and More (see full list below)





Package Included: 
1pc Canon J Tray for Various Canon Printers (list below) 
50pcs High Quality Inkjet printable(both side) 30mil thick CR80(Credit card) size bright white,semi-gloss PVC Cards 


1.Save cost to print your own ID card

If you need to make ID cards for your school, business, social club, church, organization, fraternity, sorority, conference, event, charity, hospital, gym, or for any reason at all and don't want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, this Inkjet PVC card kit may be a perfect fit for you. Look below for examples of ID cards made using Inkjet PVC cards and you'll see that you can create great high-quality cards without spending outrageous sums of money. Even if you don't have a supported Inkjet Printer, you can buy an Inkjet Printer and an Inkjet PVC card kit, and still spend a fraction of the cost of a PVC ID Card Printer. To find kits and trays for other inkjet printers visit our ebay store.



2.Good quality inkjet printable pvc card

The inkjet PVC cards in this kit are specially made to be printed on both sides by inkjet printers. They are the highest quality inkjet PVC cards available on the market (others try to market these cards as "Platinum" or "Premium", but don't be fooled in to paying more). In addition to being able to print on these with your inkjet printer, you can also write on them with a ballpoint pen if you need to have a signature or other writing on your ID card.



3.Can't support

Inkjet PVC cards are a great alternative to buying a PVC card printer if you don't have to make many ID cards. Inkjet PVC cards should not be used in card printers such as Evolis, Zebra, Fargo DataCard, Magicard, or other card printers.



4.If you need other kind of PVC Card

If you need blank pvc cards that can printable by Evolis,Zebra,Fargo,etc,please contact with us or find in our ebay store.

5.Support printer list:

Works with the following Canon Printers:



Canon MG5400



Canon MG5420



Canon MG5422



Canon MG5430



Canon MG5450



Canon MG5460



Canon MG5470



Canon MG5480



Canon MG6310



Canon MG6320



Canon MG6330



Canon MG6340



Canon MG6350



Canon MG6360



Canon MG6370



Canon MG7110



Canon MG7120



Canon MG7130



Canon MG7140



Canon MG7150



Canon MG7160



Canon MG7170



Canon iP7200



Canon iP7210



Canon iP7220



Canon iP7230



Canon iP7240



Canon iP7250



Canon iP7260



Canon iP7270



Canon MG7510



Canon MG7520



Canon MG7540



Canon MG7550



Canon MG7570



Canon MX922



Canon MX923



Canon MX924



Canon MX925



Canon MX926



It will work with any Canon printer that uses the J tray for CD/DVD printing. Tray measures 130mm x 220mm. Please measure your tray if your printer isn't listed, we have other trays available in our ebay store.




 if you need more inkjet printable blank pvc cards,please see below link: