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Proximity ID Card EM Card Thick 125khz Clamshell Contactless Rfid (pack of 1000)

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1)      Item name:TK4100 ID card for access control

2)      Material:Top quality PVC

3)      Size: ISO Standard size:85.5x54x1.8mm

4)      Chip style: TK4100 compatible with EM4100

5)      Craft: White

6)      Frequency: 125KHZ

7)      Read range: 10~12cm

8)      Operation Temperature:-40°C to 85°C

9)      Square coil,read distance is longer than normal ID cards.

10)    it's not a rewritable card,not H ID card,just read only,the card has unique ID number.



1000pcs TK4100 Thick Clamshell 125KHZ id white card